Pali Learning - Thamanay Kyaw Sayadaw


Nowadays it's challenging for lay devotees to learn Pāḷi using the traditional method. Learning any new language requires time and continuous studying so students get discouraged quickly when they don't see the fruits of their learning.

To maintain students' interest, Thamanay Kyaw Sayadaw taught Pāḷi through a set of texts that the students frequently use or having high interest in learning them but without having to spend much time learning the grammar.  After a short time of learning the students are able to read and understand interesting Pāḷi texts and most importantly enjoy reading them.  That enjoyment in turn motivates them to learn Pāḷi more.  We hope that all Pāḷi students be able to absorb the teachings of the Buddha in its original language.

Learning Pāḷi through common recitations (View)

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Thāmanay Kyaw Sayadaw - Burmese books

Thāmanay Kyaw Sayadaw's Dhamma and Pali Sikkhā materials taught at TMC in 2017