March 30-day Retreat - Sayadaw Khippapanno & Sayadaw U Thuzana


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Retreat Coordinator: Ms Thanh Bui

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A Special Vipassana Meditation Retreat

Under the Guidance of Sayadaw Khippapañño and Sayadaw U Thuzana

March 1-30, 2018

TET - New Year Celebration

Thư Mời



Dear Devotees,

We would like to invite you to the Tet Vietnam Ceremony at the Tathagata Meditation Center (TMC) on Sunday February 18, 2018.  This is an occasion for us to celebrate the Vietnamese Lunar New Year and wish the Sangha a happy lunar new year.

New Book - Abhidhamma for Yogis (June 2018)

Tiếng Việt

Free Distribution Books

We are very happy to announce the publication of a Dhamma book titled “Abhidhamma for Yogis” by U Hla Myint.   We plan to publish it during the June 2018 Vipassanā Meditation Retreat at Tathāgata Meditation Center (TMC). 

The Abhidhamma knowledge can help us better understand the Buddha’s teachings and our practice from both theoretical and practical aspects. At the same time, it protects us from falling victim to blind faith and wrong guidance. To help vipassanā meditators on their spiritual journey, this book is designed with three progressive stages that meditators have to go through: