"These are the five rewards of generosity: One is dear and appealing to people at large, one is admired by good people, one's good name is spread about, one does not stray from the rightful duties of the householder, and with the break-up of the body at death, one reappears in a good destination, in the heavenly worlds."

— AN 5.35

Dāna is a Pali word that connotes the virtue of generosity, charity or giving of alms. TMC is run solely by volunteers. Our financial support comes from the generosity of people who value what we do. The donations we receive support all our expenses, including our building, publications and meditation retreat. We at TMC are very grateful for all the support we receive, and are inspired by how beautifully Dharma practice develops when it does so in a field of generosity and gratitude.

Donations are tax-deductible. Tathagata Meditation Center is a 501(c)(3) organization, tax ID# 94-3148018

Ways to Donate

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May the merits of this meritorious deed bring you much prosperity, happiness, good health and suitable conditions for your wisdom cultivation leading to enlightenment!