Dhamma Scholarship Program of Burma


In the effort to support Sayadawgyi U Pandita with his dhamma mission, Tathagata Meditation Center is honored to sponsor the following programs at Panditarama:

  1. Dhamma Scholarship: each year monks throughout Burma are invited to come and practice meditation at Panditarama. This scholarship enables them to participate by providing all necessary needs.

  2. Studying Novices & Nuns: there are many novices and nuns staying at Panditarama to study for the Dhammacariya certificate. Upon their graduation they will help and teach others about the dhamma. This scholarship will provide books and other needs during their stay at Panditarama.

  3. Summer Course for new novices and nuns: the purpose of this summer course is to nurture and raise a new generation for the sasana. During this course, students are to ordain as novices and nuns and they are trained in Buddhist culture from both practical and theoretical aspects. Each year about 500 students participated in Panditarama Forest Center.

  4. Sangha Health Fund: the objective of this fund to provide neccesary health care for the Sangha at Panditarama. This fund is typically used to purchase medicines, pay for hospital costs and other expenses related to maintaining good health for the Sangha.

To support any the above programs please fill out the form below, return to TMC office or mail to TMC 1215 Lucretia Ave San Jose, CA 95122.  For questions please contact TMC at (408) 294-4536.


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Please check one or more programs below:

          □ Dhamma Scholarship

          □ Studying Novices & Nuns

          □ Summer Course for new novices and nuns

          □ Sangha Health Fund  

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