Thāmanay Kyaw Sayadaw - Burmese Books

Thāmanay Kyaw Sayadaw - Dhamma Library (Burmese script)

Sayadaw has written many books that are useful for general dhamma knowledge but most importantly,  for Vipassana practitioners.  We hope that overtime we'll be able to recruit qualified dhamma friends who could translate them to English. Please click on the links below to views the books in pdf format.

100 Q&A About Three Refuges

Abhidhammatha Sanghaha Pali Sikkha

Answers to the Questions They Asked

Buddha's Daily Routine

Examples of Good Attitude

Food Donation

Guidance for Lay People (from Mahagandhayon Sayadaw's morning talks)

Jataka Stories for Young Adults


Monk & Monastic Rules

Patimokkha Pali Sikkha (Pali Only)

Patimokkha Pali Sikkha Vocabulary (Pali & Burmese)

Sharing Merits

The Nature of the Noble Ones

Vassa and Kathina

Venerable Sariputta

Yogis, Are You Disheartened? (Stories)