Land Fund Donation

Dear Devotees,

We are very happy to announce that we have just purchased two pieces of land with about one acre right in the back of our center.  This purchase was ossible thanks to the generosity of our Dhamma friends who lend us a large amount of monies without interest. These two pieces of land facing the park beyond its quiet street make the center an even more tranquil and suitable place for meditation.

If  it  is  not  because  of  the  downturn  of  the  economy,  the  previous  owner  would  have  built  a  multi-unit apartment next to our meditation hall.  In this case, as far as tranquility, disturbance, and safety are concerned, it is not only really inconvenient  but also an obstacle  for the  operation and  meditation activities of the  center.  For this reason,  in  the  past,  we  had  tried  a  few  times  to  acquire  these  two  pieces  of  land  (the  owner  only  sells  two  pieces together) to insulate and protect the center but without success due to their high prices ($ 1,800,000 for two pieces). Due to the economic severe recession causing the real estate market’s failure, the value of the real estates has been greatly reduced.  As a result, the two pieces of land now cost us only $900,000 (half of the value a few years ago).  

We feel fortunate to obtain these two pieces of land at the cost of $1,000,000 ($900,000 for the two pieces of land at the price of $450,000 each plus $100,000 for the closing costs and other expenses) after unsuccessful attempts in the past.

Our immediate and short-term goal is to do a fund raising to repay, as soon as we can, the mortgage of one piece from the bank and the loan for another piece from our generous Dhamma friends who with unconditional trust in us have lent a large sum of monies to us so that we can buy the lands in time.  

Our fund-raising plan is to divide the big land into 2,000 lots numbered from 1 to 2000 with each lot is $500.  We call upon your generosity to support
us with your donation for at least one lot if possible. Your generous and continuous support has made the growth of the  center possible over the  years.  We  hope  you  will support us again in our current  worthwhile effort so that  we can further develop the center for the benefit of interest public once the mortgage and the loan are taken care.

Should you decide to give us your support, please fill out the form below and mail it back to us.  Thank you very for your kind and generous support!  May you be well, happy and peaceful!

In Metta,
Tathagata Meditation Center

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